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Land’s End Canvas 1963

Just discovered Land’s End Canvas 1963. It’s Land’s End’s ‘upscale spinoff’ brand and it very preppy chic. It is kind of like J.Crew but more basic. However…the prices are very NOT J.Crew. VERY AFFORDABLE and they are currently having amazing sales. Great quality clothes, and barely anything is over $130. Many items are 40%-50% off right now and you can get a lot of cute things for under $40.

A must see and shop! Click HERE to buy.

Here is a description of the line from PopSugar:

Pep up your prep. Classic American outfitter Lands’ End’s upscale spin-off brand¬†Lands’ End Canvas 1963¬†kicks off its Spring Sale with discounts up to 40 percent off of apparel and accessories for men and women. With nautical striped sweaters, rugged canvas totes, and sunny yellow sandals, you’ll look like a member of the Kennedy clan.

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